Saturday, April 29, 2006

War of Words

War of Words

Ricky Croft, the Real World Key West cast's boss at Mystic Tan, has got Svetlana all fired up. Here is what he posted on his website. After you read what he said, you will find Svetlana's response to his post. And then, you will find Ricky's response to Svetlana's post. Whew! Get ready for some reading...

Post from Ricky:

Of course, the big drama in this week's episode is the decorating fiasco. What a mess. Now, let me say, I didn't think there was anything wrong with what Tyler & Janelle did the first go round. I liked the style & the scheme just fine.

I did mention to Svetlana and Paula that the merchandising was a little off: it looked like we were selling candles instead of running a tanning salon. So, I offered up some suggestions: maybe shirts here, more product there, etc. They needed to make the credenza section work better, because customers see the front counter and what's behind it when they walk in the door. First impressions are everything. (BTW, the credenza and all of our modular wall systems were awesome. Done by Craig Colling at Eurowalls.)

Well, you can see Svetlana took that as license to redecorate...complete freedom to redo everything. As you saw, she went out and got more stuff (we ended up storing about half of it in a closet). Then she redid the whole salon to her tastes. (BTW, I was busy doing other things, so I never realized the extent to which she was changing everything.)

Once I realized, I asked John to meet me outside. we discussed getting into a never-ending cycle of each one undoing & redoing the work-time is of the essence. So I told John to relay the message to the house, that no one should come in the next day and I would take care of everything. If John hadn't been there, I don't know if my anger would have escalated. John has a way of listening and helping me keep a level head.

Here is Svetlana's response:

Ricky- I'm not even sure where to begin. I would have thought that out of everyone, you would have been able to look past the cameras and realize what was going on. For you to say that I did not have the best interests of the business in mind is probably the most ridiculous and childish comment I have ever heard you make. I'm not going to go into certain aspects of your personality in terms of saying one thing to some roommates and an entirely different thing to others. But If I hadn't had the best interests in mind, why would I have cared to be the manager? Oh I know, it's because you never took the time to actually get to know me and you judged me by what you heard about me and then just skimmed my surface. Now I get where you calling my princess came from when I really didn't understand how you could create such a interesting nickname without knowing a thing about my life. Princess Svetlana, you're absolutely right - princess of my castle, wait no you must have been refereeing to the room we shared with two other families in 3 different countries while immigrating to America, or did you mean our government housing where I had to take care of myself since I was 6, only to have a little brother come into the picture when I was 9 and have to raise him because my parents finally got some money and didn't want to waste anymore time getting old and partied all the time leaving me with my "castle."

I have always done things for myself because I never expected anyone to do anything for me and I have never asked anyone for anything so maybe it was hard for me to have to listen to 6 other adults with absolutely no experience in a field that I had quickly mastered. My blood and my passion is different then yours and I was raised harshly and bluntly when it came to money & business. Yes, there is not only one way to do something successfully but your are forgetting a KEY interval - TIME. How much time did we have to maximize profit? Less than 3 months. The most intelligent thing to do was to divide everyone into fields of expertise not fields of no-knowledge so that we could "learn." A learning experience would never yield as much profit as an intelligently thought out plan, I know you agree. Why then, did all of the other cast members get to do what they were good at, and then I was not given the same chance? Trust me, I thank God to this day I wasn't chosen but did you not tell them all I was the best choice? Was that not a mistake on your part? I think it was, you didn't know me, you didn't know us at all yet you made your little list. You told me to make a book of how I think the business should be run - how immature is that? Any idiot can point andcriticizee someone else's decisions, recording decisions that should be made in a "I told you so" manners are BAD intentions. Instead I approached them all with my thoughts at all times and put myself out there for the sake of your business, but where then, were my best interests?

When I came to work that infamous day -Did you not clearly ask, "Are we selling candles or what?" and roll your eyes at the way the place looked. Did you not thank me & Paula in front of everyone for the job we did? I know you did. If I didn't care about your business and your product, why the hell would I have spent 12 hours with Paula trying to compromise and make your store or "our" store into the beautiful studio it was? I could have walked out and done other things but I didn't. I was there to learn about myself. I could have given up your salon and g-d only knows where your finances would have gone.

But you're right Ricky, I cared so little about your business that I didn't keep each & every receipt, that I didn't implement strict rules with the register and closing procedures after so many screw ups because roommates didn't care to learn how to close out. But I'm sure they had the best intentions. That your very own select roommate whom I will not mention didn't give a flying **** about the money & procedures at the end of the day. But I did, oh wait - those must have been mal-intentions. I sincerely hope that you don't think my intentions were to get attention because that would have to be the funniest thing I have ever heard - the one with the website calling himself the 8th roommate, commenting on a bunch of kids and his short-lived publicity stunt.

It's unfortunate that you never knew who all your actual allies were & that you'd make a site and make statements that aren't true. You know, I don't care about what other people think about me. It's the people I know and would consider a friend that I am affected by, and you have truly disappointed me. I wonder why they didn't show you read my name off your list as you believing I should be manager, and me asking you about all your inspections and program training and all the bs you couldn't believe I knew...but that's okay because you were busy believing my intentions were elsewhere. I wonder where that ATM card Zach requested behind my back that you never sent him went. Where were his intentions? I must have been trying to be controlling, right? Or was I actually making the right decision by not letting 6 people have an ATM card because it would be almost impossible to deal with, for you & me.

I am very well aware of my immaturity by confronting your ridiculousness on your website, but I am not angry enough to call you at 3am, much less call you at all. Instead, I'm sad because it's unfortunate that I came across your site and read the things you said about me, because I know you've convinced yourself that they are true while completely disregarding the truth. I wish I had the tapes and I could air them - but what good will that do? I won't become a better person. I'll feel a lot better, but it won't do much good bursting your bubble and the 3 fans you have on here.

On the show, you probably stirred up more drama than you ever imagined, congratulations. I thought you would have been a mentor, that you would have been honest with all of us instead of what you did. If it was about learning then why wasn't John the CFO and me the "director of operations?" No logical answer, huh? Oh here's another good one, what would you have done had Paula & I not decorated or "re-decorated?"

Oh, and was that your genius idea to sell all those tans by the end of the month or 2 of us don't get to go on vacation the weekend I went to see Martin's dying father? Did you know I had no idea he was so sick & he died the next day? Did you know Sunday was the funeral and Monday they made me go back to Key West and deal with that contest bullsh*t?

Where were your intentions?

With your business, I guess. But did I give up? Did I stay home and try to put pieces together with my family and Martin's or did I get to work and sell your product? Think about that Ricky, because you knew me so well that you could tell me where my intentions were. I can understand fans judging, but you, you were there. You know they edit everything and you're gonna take what you see and judge? GROW UP Ricky, I did - but I guess that's something else that's "New To You."

Ricky's response to Svetlana's post:


Regarding your comment:

Like I mentioned in my post (News to Me), "I don't think viewers understand that I am seeing many things for the first time, as each episode airs. As I watch the show, sometimes, I see different reactions from my partners that were never expressed to me. For instance, I really thought Svetlana had the interests of the business in mind at all times. Of course, now we all see, that she often put her own interests first, and that's new to me."

This was not an insult, just an observation. I commented on it to point out to everyone reading my post that there was another side of everyone that I never saw. I also commented in my post (Majority Rules): "Now, to her credit, she is the only one who went out of her way to build a case for herself. She clearly had skills and experience."

And in my (Nobody Is The Boss) post: "Svetlana and I did talk about her being the manager of the salon, however, at that time she was the only one who had approached me about wanting the job. I had no idea that anyone else in the group, had entertained the idea of being manager of the salon."

As far as the manager issue, yes, I did talk with you one on one about that and yes, I did and still do believe that you really wanted the position. My personal opinion was that after the first day I met you, you were going to become the manager, but the decision was not mine to make. A manager must have the respect of their employees or else they will not succeed. Not to say that you were not capable, but the fact was that the rest of the roommates believed that Zach was more suitable. I truly believe that you are wise beyond your years and you certainly have the makings and passion to be a very successful person. You are not afraid to do what you want or say how you feel and I believe that is your most valuable asset. However, that can also have a downside because people are easily intimidated by independent people and you become misunderstood.

"Princess" was a light-hearted nickname, never meant to insult you or cause distress. Trust me, I certainly can relate to being "raised harshly and bluntly when it came to money & business." I have persevered through countless struggles and adversity. You may not know but, Mystic Tan started in a home garage..I spent years of my life...blood, sweat and tears...helping to bring this concept to life. It was never easy. Everything I did in Key West was for all of you, not for me and if it didn't seem that I apologize. The opportunity was presented to Mystic Tan and we went for it and it's been great for us. Yes, of course, I was honored and excited to get to be a part of such a great show, it was something new to me. I do not think that any one related to this show could honestly admit that they don't like the attention they get from it.

I do believe that all of the roommates, including you, are my allies and friends. If that's false, then so be it, but it's what I choose to believe.

I did not create my blog to gain popularity or to have countless fans. I just wanted viewers to get my point of view as the partner in this business venture.

I understand that your feelings were hurt and I apologize for that, my intentions were and still are only good. I have no harsh feelings toward you, whatsoever. In fact, I appreciate your hard work and what you brought to the business. You were an integral part of it and I'm sure that will be seen as the show continues to air.