Monday, February 05, 2007

Wet Bar Appearance

Davis, Brooke, and Alex made a recent appearance at Wet Bar.

Brooke Responds to the Haters

Brooke (RW Denver) has posted the following in response to people who do not like her:

man, i gotta stop letting all the negativity stop getting to me. it really sucks reading such hurtful shit about me. everyone keeps reminding me not to read it, but it's tempting...

i went on the show to improve myself, open myself up to new experiences... i wanted to learn and grow and all that good stuff.

i've always thought i was an ok girl, but after reading all this stuff, just the most hateful stuff you can imagine, my heart truly hurts and i begin to second-guess everything about who i am. i mean, the things people say, "I wish you'd kill yourself you fucking cunt!" what???? who writes that to someone on a tv show that they've never met?

people, look, the show is not portraying me very nicely right now. doesn't anyone see that? does the public not get that is what reality tv does?? it takes your worst moments and puts them all together and your leaves out your best moments... i feel like screaming at these people, "see how you would do with a fucking camera in your fucking face 24/7." not to mention, i am not perfect, people! i was not cast for this show because i try to pretend i'm perfect-- i know i'm flawed, and i chose to be honest about it.

everything that i did on the show i did because that is me. i don't give a shit if people think i'm crazy. i just don't care. for people to even call me crazy is awful, though, because i probably am! but what is it to these people? why do you care? just to rub it in a little more? thanks.

i am just overwhelmed at this point by all the negativity. i didn't do this show to be bombarded with hate. i don't deserve that. i've done nothing to no one. to everyone who feels it neccessary to insult me from what you've seen on a TV show, i feel sorry for YOU. you don't know me. and you don't realize how much words can really hurt someone. i've never understood how cruel people can be in this world, the amount of pain i have felt in my heart over this feels like it could rip me alive.

these people do not understand what i am going through. i would never be so judgmental to someone. let people be who they are. why is that so hard for some people?????????????????

and to the assholes that are reading this saying that i am just being dramatic, really, go fuck yourself.

i wish i could just get this whole experience of the show airing over and done with--it's been more than enough for me.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Davis and Reichen?

Why did Reichen Lehmkuhl and Lance Bass break up? Bricks and Stones posted it is because Davis (RW Denver) and Reichen hooked up. Here is the scoop:

Davis (from the Real World Denver) met Reichen January 19, 2007. They were at Wet Bar in Atlanta. They met, had a few drinks with friends, and left for a party at Reichen's Sheraton Hotel. They DID hook up. Reichen's publicist was there.

But now- Davis and Reichen are just friends and are not in a romantic relationship. It was a one night stand even though Reichen told Davis it meant something and he and Lance were broken up, which wasn't necessarily true.

We all know that it is entirely possible that their break up was due to this incident. Lance found out about Reichen's cheating and starting questioning him about it. Davis got in the middle and now they have ended things.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beth's Final Thoughts

Beth reveals her final thoughts of how she really felt about The Duel Reunion Show. She dishes more dirt on Diem, Svetlana, and Tina. Click here for a good read.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Update on Angela

Catch Angela (RR X-treme)on the show FIVE AT THE LAB on This is a new site that supports up and coming bands as well as fresh faces of musical success. Angela's show is a countdown show similar to F-list on Fuse.

Angela is also featured in a write-up in the Alternative Apparel catalog.

Hillary 2008 Tee

Show your support for Hillary Clinton by ordering a Hillary 2008 tee from College Dropouts Veronica (RR Semester at Sea) and Rachel (RR Campus Crawl). Click here for details.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tyler's Take on RW Denver Cast

Tyler Duckworth (RW Key West) has posted his thoughts on the RW Denver cast:

So, for ( I do weekly blogs about the Real World Denver. Just short thoughts, comments, etc. So, here is this week's! I will admit, I really, really like these cats. They all seem lovable in their own way. And, they make good TV!

The Real World: Denver Ep. 12

Dear Jenn,
Please NEVER stop drinking. You make great TV!
Executives at MTV

In all honesty, the story editors at Bunim/Murray have apparently already hit their creative wall. That is to say that this week's episode was basically a stream of conscious view of the past week, but on crack. Whitney Houston crack, no less. Despite this lack of coherent story line, let's take a look at what happened.

Is it me, or is Davis kind of like a really hot robot? Not to be mean, but really. He speaks in an odd southern, monotone voice. Don't get me wrong, the boy is absolutely beautiful, however, he is basically expressionless, that is, unless he's piss ass drunk. Then, well, he's just a drunk robot, but you get the point. The editors try and fool the viewers into thinking that Brooke may fall in love with Davis's internalized homophobia, obviously manifested in his faux-romantic intentions towards Brooke. Well, guys in the editing room, ya' ain't foolin' anyone. Least of all Brooke, who speaking with Tyrie more than gets the point across that in no way shape or form is she going to let the editors manipulate the footage. And, you know what Brooke, kudos to you! I could learn a lesson or two from you. First storyline dies, just like my boner for Davis watching him awkwardly flirt with Brooke. Yeah, it made me feel uncomfortable, too.

Now, for the best part of the episode, but probably the least explosive, Stephen's girlfriend MERCII! Yes, guys, she really spells her name with two-I's. I like how that plot line completely dies and goes no where, so they can focus the rest of the episode on Jenn's drunken tirades. Blah blah blah Stephen. Mercii is probably whoopin' yo' ass as I type this because she's so pissed at what she saw this week. And you know what, if I were Mercii, I'd be pissed, too. I'd call my mom up and ask the bitch why she spelled my name like I had downs' syndrome. Damn woman. Stephen, best of luck with that one. Though, I thought it was pretty cool the way you handled Drunk Jenn. Admirable. I like Stephen. Though he's Republican, I think I'd like to do a challenge with him.

Last, but certainly not least, is the award for Crazy Bitch of the episode. This week's award goes to a very satisfying Jenn. [cue applause] Jenn's non-sober antics are causing some fans to wonder if she'll be appearing on the new Oh! Channel hit, the real world sister show, The Bad Girls Club. I say casting should forward her right along. She'd be perfect! Throwing shit, swearing, spitting, cat fights. Oh my god, I almost forgot. Did anyone else notice how they had to blur her tits while she was yelling at Alex? It was amazing. I mean, it was pretty low of Alex to say that to Stephen. Davis, you are totally a bitch snitch, and I love you for it. Jenn totally pulled a Tara Reid. Girl didn't even know she was hanging out. Jenn, we all raise our glasses to you!

Next week's episode looks lame, but I'll totally be watching it anyways. Bye guys!

Beth's Dog is Missing

Beth S.'s (RW LA) dog, Blondie, is missing. Here's how you can help, as posted by Beth:



I've just returned to LA from the Sundance Film Festival and am offering a reward for the safe return of Blondie, shown with me in the picture above.

While I was gone, she disappeared in Los Angeles on Highpoint, two blocks west of Fairfax Drive between Pico Ave and Olympic Blvd.

When last seen, she was wearing a pick collar.

I know this is a shot in the dark, but I hope someone in the area may have seen her.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Inferno 3 Pictures

Here are some candid cast photos from the upcoming Inferno 3. More to come!


Congratulations to Tina Barta (RR South Pacific) on her recent engagement! Best of luck to you and your fiance!

Road Rules Alliance & Cast

Hmmm...I wonder who will try to have an alliance on Road Rules 2007: Viewers Revenge? Any guesses? Anyone?

In other Road Rules news, awaiting to join Abram, Adam, Kina, Shane, Susie, and Veronica, are unknown Pit Crew members Angel, Dan, David, Ivory, Jerry, Kristen, Monte, and Tori. Get to know some members of the Pit Crew by clicking on their name to explore their Myspace page.

Inferno 3 Spoilers

The next challenge to air is Inferno 3. This challenge started taping in October in South Africa. The cast has once again been split into teams- good guys vs. bad guys. Below are some spoilers:

-The first person gone is CT. He gets kicked off due to punching Davis. CT gets drunk and asks Davis if he can punch him. Then, before Davis can answer, CT hits him and passes out drunk. When CT awakes, he is told he hit Davis and then he tries to deny it. As a result of the hit, he is kicked off.
-Tyrie gets sent home by Alton.
-Rachel (RW Austin) is the first girl sent home.
-Danny gets sent home by Davis.
-Colie is the second girl sent home.
-Davis and Jenn were 2 of the last people eliminated.

-Evelyn won multiple infernos.

-The final Good Guys team is Alton, Ace, Johnny, Paula, Susie, and Cara.
-The final Bad Asses team is Aneesa, Tonya, Janelle, Derrick, Abe, Evelyn, and Kenny.
-The Bad Asses win.

The Duel Reunion Show

The Duel Reunion Show aired on Thursday night right after The Duel. For those of you that missed it, have no fear. It will also air on MTV Thursday night at 10:00. The reunion was hosted by MTV VJ Susie Castillo. In attendance were the final four male and female duel competitors (Wes, Jodi, Brad, Svetlana, CT, Aneesa, Evan, Diem) and Beth S. I have also heard that Tina taped a special segment that will air next Thursday.

Of course, some interesting arguments came about on the reunion show. It started when Beth asked Svetlana why she gave Kina such a hard time about crying when she lost the duel, when Svetlana did the exact same thing when she cried and gave up on their (Beth & Svetlana's) duel. Svetlana explained that it's not like she just gave Beth the win. Svetlana then told Beth something to the effect of, "I'm here because I made it to the end. You're only here just cuz you got punched by Tina!"

Beth and Diem also got into an argument. Beth called Diem fake and Diem acted overdramatic with a look of absolute shock and horror that Beth dare call her fake. Numerous times during the reunion, CT (with much longer hair) leans over and whispers in Diem's ear. What he is whispering, I do not know, but it was distracting.

All of this will be edited, so it will be interesting to see what they actually air next Thursday.

Duel Season Finale

Missed the season finale of The Duel? Get the blow-by-blow recap here.

Wes & Jodi WIn The Duel

From Reality Blurred:

Over-enunciating Wes and athletic Jodi each won $150,000 on the finale of The Duel, the latest MTV Challenge. They defeated Svetlana and Brad, the other two remaining competitors.

This outcome wasn't really surprising, thanks to an ill-conceived, two-minute head start that both received in a preliminary competition. Brad almost caught up to Wes, but in the end was far behind him, and it didn't really seem like either he or Svetlana ever had a chance. Way to kill the tension, assholes.

I have a humble request: For the next Challenge, could we actually have some real challenges? Like, ones that don't suck?

Last week, CT was disqualified during the actual duel because of a shitty prop. Trying to unclip a flag from the ground, the flag ripped off the carabiner, and he was eliminated, just like Beth was weeks ago. When the props don't crumble and break apart, the competitions sometime have time limits that lead to disqualifications; that such limits are even necessary suggests that the games are too hard or just don't work. Other times, the contests are too difficult to judge accurately. Remember the season when half the cast quit during the final challenge?

There's a difference between challenging and impossible, and The Challenges have way too many that are nearly impossible. How many times have we watched as all or nearly all of the competitors were disqualified because the challenge was too difficult? Does anyone even test these things, or bother to reconsider them after the buzz wears off? Survivor has competitions—both team-based and individual—that are both telegenic and allow real competition. The games on this show are hardly ever interesting to watch, rarely feature engaging head-to-head competition, and have overly complicated rules or impossible-to-complete tasks.

Maybe we don't even need competitions during The Challenge any more. The real appeal is the drama, and it's not even like the cast members need games to stoke the fire. And anyway, the challenges are often just an excuse to get the cast half-naked and rubbing against each other. Since all of the competitors know each other/date each other/have acquired each other's scabies, they can just show up, fight, strip down, and roll dice to see who goes home. That'd be about as fair as many of the actual games, and maybe TJ Lavin could describe the results without babbling incoherently.

Keeps Happening

Melissa Howard (RW New Orleans) has posted the following in honor of Coral Smith's (RW B2NY) birthday and their friendship:

Happy Birthday Coral!

And this is the part where we recount, for the 79,000th time, all the ridiculous shit we've ever said or done back in the "heyday" that only we think is hilarious.

Want some cookies?

Gorgeous cufflaaaaanks.

Oh God, what an ugly baby!

Ivan, Ivan, Ivan?

Is that a dick drawn on that headboard?

One thousand WHOLE dollars (each) -- ours, all ours!

Red, chellow, blue, green -- what is your favorite color today?

Cool fucking rock at my windshield, Kirby.

That fool left his block heel Skechers and you threw them in the utility closet.

Speaking of utility closet...Yes, we just threw that coat in the real live garbage Dumpster.

Raw ankle. Said while watching an Al B Sure video.

Yup, horse tranquilizers. Black Iago but he's a banker on the side.

I don't care what you say, that Brasil skull Miss Sixty dress is cute. Fuck you and fuck Tim.

YOU left that painting on the plane.

First class all the way back to Coach with the Mormon missionary. He. Won't. Stop. Talking.

Under the Tuck-son Sun.

So, like, what's it like being the ugly twin?

Dude, I don't think you can say that.

"Excuse me, don't you see there's a whole person standing here!"

She hates being picked up. No, for real.

Shortest man alive. He loves you girl. You're the best thing that's ever happened to him. He can't believe this shit!

Cool leg.

Dude, there's Gwyneth Paltrow. CRASH.

Golden cherub.


Chimichangas and bunny slippers. We could have totally had Justin Timberlake's number, but noooo. Cool producer.

All choking stories. Especially, the fireball one.

Number 9 with orange drink.

Going to get sushi. Never came back to the set.

"You're blonde. Go get us in."

And then she grinded her butt all in the robe and we were like...

Would you go out with him? How about ONE MILLION DOLLARS? Fine, yes.

Come on in, New York. Come on.

The Civic.

Mexican trinkets.

Claimjumper Wednesdays.

You just ate a Red Vine! I heard you! (During the Master Cleanse.)

CODE RED. Uh yeah, I'm walking home from the grocery store right now.

She wore brown pumps to the pool. Chime in -- with tassels.

The mother-daughter cleaning team. Bitch left a shirt in the half-made bed. You have to move a couch to clean under it.

Hey baby, I see you LOOK at me.

Why, Melissa, why don't they get it?

Why, Coral, why? Is it that only we think it's funny?

Plucking crunk fruit from a crunk tree.

That's fucking David fucking Schwimmer, asshole.

I know better than to let them go.

I won't be a-fraid to cry.

Even Ron Jeremy said no.

Yes, he ran down the street with the key. RAN. He was running? Run-ning, bitch.

Juve the Great.

THE shower. Uh, that's a fucking billboard. WOW. You're stupid. I kept telling you. But noooo.

All the outfits. All the earrings. The Brasil pants.

We can't have this conversation again.

Ovah and out.

P.S. You're gor-gee-ose.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Casting Call

Zach (RW Key West) has posted the following:



Hollywood Producers are bringing another movie to Washington next month, the independent feature film "PERFECT SPORT". Zach Mann, known from MTV's Real World (Key West) is Executive Producer and co-founder of Building Block Pictures, the company producing the film. Mann and his partners grew up on Vashon Island, WA where the film will be shot on-location beginning early February.

PERFECT SPORT is a coming-of-age drama with intense twists and a story that promises to explore the deeper side of drama as it details the rise and fall of a young and aspiring athlete. PERFECT SPORT is a sports film about teenagers. It's about the burdens they carry on their backs and the passion they hold for their spirit. The film shows us a side to competitive sports and just as intensely, teen life.


Danny Stoltz Casting, the company responsible for casting all the principal teenage actors in Gus Van Sant's acclaimed HBO Feature Film "ELEPHANT" is hoping to cast over 25 of the speaking / featured roles in the film from local teenagers who attend the open casting call WEDNESDAY, JAN. 24TH.

Looking for ALL TEENAGERS, ALL TYPES!! No experience is necessary, but it could be helpful. There are absolutely NO fees to audition, no professional pictures or classes necessary. Actors hired will be compensated according to the Screen Actors Guild Modified Independent Low Budget Contract. Auditions will be for 2 days following the open casting call. There is no need to bring anything other then a resume, although not required.


@ NOVA HIGH SCHOOL, 2410 East Cherry, Seattle

Perfect Sport Casting Hotline: 206-781-4288

Katie in Jamaica

For the entire month of March, Katie Doyle (RR The Quest) will be in Jamaica for Spring Break with She's looking forward to leaving the frigid Chicago weather behind and partying it up in warm, sunny Jamaica. So, if you're looking for a place to party this spring break, join Katie and in Jamaica! It's bound to be a memorable spring break experience!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reunion Show Questions for Beth

Beth S. (RW LA) is going to be on The Duel Reunion show. (It is also indicated that Tina will make an appearance as well). Beth wants to know what questions you want her to answer. So, if you have a question, click on this link by 9:00pm EST Wednesday, 1/17 and post your question for Beth.

Porn Convention and AVN Awards

The Miz has posted about what happened when he recently went to a porn convention and an adult video awards show. As the post is a little, ahem, graphically detailed, I'll let you decide if you want to read it. If so, click here.


John (RW Key West) recently posted on his Myspace that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Here is the post. Is he serious? You be the judge:

I just found out my girlfriend was sleeping with the hockey team at her school. I guess the lesson I learned is that even with a goalie, the other team still scored... Ladies if you were my girlfriend could you sink this low? Guys if you found out your girl was sharing skirts what would you do?

New College Dropout T-shirts

New College Dropout t-shirts from Rachel (RR Campus Crawl) and Veronica (RR Semester at Sea). To order, go here.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Inferno 3 Castmembers

The following castmembers will be on Inferno 3, the next challenge to air. The cast is divided into 2 teams- "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys." A little drama tidbit- one of them gets kicked off for fighting and is replaced. To find out who gets kicked off, who gets hit, and who the replacement is, highlight here: CT gets kicked off for punching Davis and is replaced by Derrick (RR X-treme)

Good Guys:

Ace (RW Paris)
Alton (RW Las Vegas)
Cara (RR South Pacific)
Colie (RW Denver)
Davis (RW Denver)
John (RW Key West)
Paula (RW Key West)
Rachel (RW Austin)
Susie (RR Australia)
Timmy (RR Season 2)

Bad Guys:
Abe (RR South Pacific)
Aneesa (RW Chicago)
CT (RW Paris)
Derrick (RR X-treme)
Danny (RW Austin)
Evelyn (Fresh Meat)
Janelle (RW Key West)
Jenn (RW Denver)
Kenny (Fresh Meat)
Tonya (RW Chicago)
Tyrie (RW Denver): Denver


Missed the latest episode? Click on the name of the show to get the latest recap:

Real World Denver

The Duel

Road Rules: Viewers Revenge

The Futon Critic has posted a press release from MTV regarding Road Rules 2007: Viewers Revenge. A launch special will air on Tuesday, January 23rd at 10:00. The series will premiere on Tuesday, January 30th at 9:00. The new cast will feature the following Road Rules alumni: Abram (RR South Seas), Adam (RR The Quest), Shane (RR Campus Crawl), Kina (RR X-treme), Susie (RR Australia), and Veronica (RR Semester at Sea). Here is a portion of the post:

Viewers rule as MTV announces the triumphant return of fan favorite, Road Rules with the new Road Rules 2007: Viewers Revenge premiering Tuesday, January 30th at 9:00pm ET/PT. A 100% interactive experience, MTV's audience will be in complete control of the game for the first time ever. With a real-time shoot schedule, viewers take the wheel this season as they call the shots on: 1) who from the RV ends up in the MTV Online elimination round, and 2) who from the roster of replacements on competes against that Road Ruler for their spot. The new season kicks off with a Road Rules 2007: Viewers Revenge Launch Special on Tuesday, January 23rd at 10:00pm.

The new season will kick-off as six Road Rules veterans hit the road and face-off in a series of adventures and competitions. The cast will continue to travel in an RV tackling one mission each week, but the rules and the game have changed. Here's how it goes:

The return of Road Rules will find six of the most infamous former Road Rules cast members as the initial passengers in the RV.

After each week's mission, the cast will return to home base and the cast, themselves, will nominate the weakest male and female for elimination.

Immediately after the show airs, viewers at home will vote which of those two cast members will enter an elimination face-off that will air exclusively on

At the same time the viewers are nominating a cast member to send into elimination, they will also vote for the challenger from The Pit Crew -- an internet replacement board of potential male and female replacements.

The Pit Crew will live on, and will feature video packages, personal blogs and other stats/background on each potential replacement.

If the current Road Rules cast member wins the competition, he/she returns to the RV -- and the cast-mates who nominated him/her for elimination.

If he/she loses, the challenger replaces him/her with the now ex-Road Ruler joining the other potential replacements on the internet board where he/she can lobby the viewers to put him/her back in the game.

The next on-air episode will begin with a short re-cap of the elimination and the re-entry of the victor of the elimination face-off.

Road Rules will be based in California this season, allowing the cast to travel to overnight locations for their mission and nomination, and then travel back to home base. After each mission, the cast will enter blogs, interviews and personal video diaries on and MTV Mobile. Once the elimination is over, the cast takes off on another mission for several days before returning to home base.

Below is a look at the veteran cast members that will kick-off the season of Road Rules 2007: Viewers Revenge.


Abram is a Road Rules South Seas alum and has also made a name for himself on numerous Real World/Road Rules Challenges. Growing up in Montana with nine brothers and sisters, Abram has learned what it is like to not only live, but compete, with others. With a thrill for extreme sports, and never-say-die attitude, Abram's biggest competitor is often himself.


Adam, a veteran of Road Rules 10: The Quest is a good-looking ladies man who uses his charm and outgoing personality for all their worth. Despite suffering from ADD while he was young, Adam has conquered life's obstacles and is eager to face whatever the RV and MTV fans can throw at him.


Shane is a veteran of Road Rules Campus Crawl and has appeared on many of the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. Raised under a strict military stepfather, Shane grew up on the road, making friends where he could. Teased in high school for being different, it wasn't until he got to the University of North Carolina that Shane found his voice and was able to speak about his sexuality. Now a vocal gay rights activist and public speaker, Shane isn't afraid of confronting adversity, or the competition.


Kina was originally seen on Road Rules X-treme and has also appeared as a fierce competitor on some of the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. A native of New Jersey, Kina is busting with personality and is often accused of seeing the world through her own eyes. The only question is, will MTV fans see it her way, as well?


Susie is a veteran of Road Rules Australia and is the youngest kid of five children raised by right-wing, conservative Republicans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A self-proclaimed expert on the Brady Bunch, she may need more than TV trivia to get thru this season of Road Rules.


First seen on Road Rules Semester at Sea, Veronica has since appeared on many of the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. A familiar face among the Real World and Road Rules fans, Veronica always has something to say. The question this season, will she be able to back up her words?

Real World Off to Sydney

The NY Post is reporting that the next season of the Real World (Season 19) will begin filming in early February "Down Under" in Sydney, Australia.

To read the article, click here.

Melissa's New Year

How did Melissa Howard (RW New Orleans) ring in the New Year? Surrounded by leaky pipes, an explicit sex conversation, and used sanitary napkins. You have to read it to believe it. Poor Melissa. Click here for the scoop.

Shreveport, Reno, & New Orleans Saints

Theo Von (RR Maximum Velocity) has posted the following:

performed in Shreveport Louisiana last week. What a time it was. Opening up for the Hilarious Jon Reep (Dodge 'Hemi' commercial guy) at the Shreveport Funnybone. We had a great weekend of shows. We partied a bit with the natives at the Blind Tiger and Phoenix. We also went to the Rodeo Rider bar, or something like that. It was a two story bar with country music downstairs and techno upstairs. So people downstairs were line dancing, and people upstairs were doing lines. It was a weird place. Saw a big lesbian girl (I mean a hardcore lesbian, she was wearing 'under armour' sports apparel) smoking menthols and doing the worm in front of a couple of black guys she was dating. Gross and captivating at the same time.

Saw Andy Dick and his assistant sitting at the base of a light post at 3 a.m. begging for a ride home. It was hilarious. Andy was flirting with every guy he saw and trying to get a threesome going. That guy is something else. Something else bad.

Downtown Shreveport is nice, but it's desolate. A lot of old buildings and a lot of character, but not many business or much foot traffic at all. Kinda sad really.

Now I'm in Reno, Nevada, performing at the Sands Regency Casino all weekend. Reno is dirty at first sight, but is really an amazing little place. I've been having a nice time here at the casino, and from every window there is a stellar view of this small city and the stunning mountain chains surrounding it. It's snowed each night and you can really see how this city has so much character. The Sands Regency Casino looks like Freddie Mercury and Elvis decorated it together. It is miserable. There is an Arby's that is as close to disgusting as possible, and there is also a Mel's Diner which gave me Dinerrhea. I would rather blow a homeless guy in a blizzard than stay here ever again.

however the guy I'm performing with, Jamie Lisso, is one of the funniest people I've ever met. Hilarious.

I'm back in LA this week and then doing a show at Missouri State University. I am still elated that the New Orleans Saints beat Philly. Watching that game was one of the 5 greatest moments of my life. I've never been happier.

hope all is well in who-ville.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Come See Tyler's Performance!

Tyler Duckworth (RW Key West) will be performing a 10 minute set in the Bellyroom at the Comedy Store on Sunset at 8pm on Saturday, January 13th. Go check him out!